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What Is BBMK Fitness?

Get to know us

Bodied By Mk Fitness is an Online Fitness club. We’re committed to helping working women find Freedom in fitness and commit to making health and fitness a priority stress free. As a Working mom beginning your healthy lifestyle journey can seem intimidating.  At BBMK Fitness we assist you with  goal setting and execute a detailed plan to get you Bodied. We help eliminate the hurdles many experience embarking on a fitness journey alone. Our Online program provides flexibility and support to push you past the finish line. 


Access to training 24/7

Workout from anywhere

Easy to navigate app

On Demand Training

Open communication to your coach

Online access to training

Flexible Scheduling

 live training classes weekly(available)

Mindset Coaching

Real time motivation

Why you should join BBMK Fitness? 

Get to know us

BBMK Fitness is a leading online fitness program dedicated to  giving Moms & Women a top tier fitness experience while navigating their fitness journey. Our exclusive fitness program includes a Sculpting Workout regime, Nutrition Guidance, Mindset Coaching and private support group . Each Member also get an open line of communication from Coach  MK while in the program.


Our Belief at BBMK is that your fitness journey is not only physical but mental as well. Each client will work with their coach to create a plan to stay on track, as well as accountability check-ins, 1 on 1 coaching support, and a support group that provides an abundance of value to keep clients motivated, and on track.   


You can lay to rest the thoughts of figuring out where to start, creating a workout regime, what to eat, trying to find an accountability partner and even finding a babysitter.


BBMK is centered around getting woman active and improving their diet to achieve weight loss. We focus on creating new healthy habits, and releasing unhealthy .  Habits. 


Ready to start your Journey Now Book Your  New Client Consultation 

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