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Happy Sunday ladies 🔥

Real quick if your hear and your getting these notifications and messages tap in comment or Like please!




Happy Sunday and Welcome all to the group 🔥

Let's prepare for an amazing month!

January was the warm up.. Now let's get to business 🫶🏾

I challenge all my girls in February to go the extra mile for yourself this month..


if you only working out 2 days a week let's make it 3..

If your working out 20 mins let's make it 25 or 30

If you been using 10lbs let's shot for trying the 12s out..

Listen your are the captain your journey and I encourage us all to get a little more uncomfortable on this journey because that's when you start seeing consistency and progress..nothing happens over time if you stay in your comfort zone!

One time for a Productive Ass February 💪🏾🙌🏾

Markisha Woodard
Markisha Woodard
2월 04일

Also ladies feel free to use this group as an accountability!! We all here to striving to be better 💪🏾🔥‼️



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